Golden Globes Fashion: The Best And The Worst


Golden Globes Fashion: The Best And The Worst

There were lots of one-shoulder gowns, shades of blush and nude, and a bouffant or two. The guys pretty much stuck to the standard black-tie garb with lots of tuxedos, which makes any guy look dapper and handsome.

There were also some stand-out choices that made us say, "Wow!" — in good and bad ways. So here's a look at the best- and worst-dressed at the 2009 Golden Globes.

Let's get the bad out of the way first: America Ferrera looked silly. She was trying to be avant-garde, but ended up looking like she was trying out for a live-action "Jetsons" movie. Amanda Seyfried at first appeared lovely in her one-shoulder dress, but it was ill-fitting on second glance. "Office" star Jenna Fischer's floral frock failed to impress. Miley Cyrus' dress was confusing and didn't do anything for her. She might be 16 now, but the dress was too old for her. Drew Barrymore wore a gray Galliano gown. He's known to do out-there stuff, but the only thing out-there about Drew was her hair.

Both Eva Longoria and Beyoncé looked like their dresses were too small. J.Lo looked tired in her flashy gown; it just feels like she's done it a million times before. One look that stood out (in a questionable way) was Marisa Tomei's pirate-inspired getup. The Golden Globes feel like a strange place to debut that sort of look.

Now, let's talk about who rocked the carpet. Maggie Gyllenhaal always makes an attempt to stand out, and sometimes it doesn't work. Then again, sometimes it does. Her blue leopard-print Lanvin dress this year worked. Anne Hathaway loves looking classic, and there's no better classic designer than Armani Privé. Her navy dress was stunning and worked well with her pale skin. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt looked relaxed and cool. She wore silver, which is different for her, and she deserves some props for it.

Eva Mendes' white gown had a huge bow at her hip, proving that she loves to look like a bombshell. Kate Winslet's whimsical neckline on her strapless gown took something ordinary and made it extraordinary. And our belle of the ball was Amy Adams, who literally made us stop breathing when she showed up on the carpet in her Oscar de la Renta ball gown. It was flawless.