90's Fashion

90's Fashion

90's Fashion is the most influential era in fashion. This era gave way to many different genre of fashion and revive some fashion genre and giving it a new look.

The 1990s in popular culture is typically referred to as the decade of "anti-fashion.In reality, anti-fashion was only one of many trends in fashion in the 1990s. The fashion of the 1990s was characterized by minimalist styles, and many overlapping, often contradictory trends.
Early 1990s fashion

The most significant event was the rise of grunge fashion in 1992. In the late 1990s there was a move away from grunge. Retro clothing inspired by the 1960s and 1970s was popular for much of the 1990s.
Kurt Cobain
Lead singer of Nirvana, was an inspiration for the grunge look that made its entrance into mainstream fashion in the early 1990s.

Wearing bright colours, such as neon colours proved popular. Also clothing with abstract, multi-coloured designs were also popular.
Navel piercing became a trend in the early 1990s, this was followed by other types of body piercing.

In the early 1990s, the tight lycra or black leather mini skirt, also known as a tube skirt, which began as a trend in the mid-1980s, continued to be popular, especially in Europe. These were often paired with long, fitted blazers, which would continue to be worn throughout the decade. Mini dresses in Lycra were also worn, and these often featured built-in bra cups. Sequined and lace cocktail dresses were also briefly popular in 1990-1991.

Michelle Pfeiffer
As Catwoman in Batman Returns

Inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer's performance of Catwoman in the 1992 film Batman Returns, the catsuit, enjoyed popularity. British singer Victoria Beckham would later be seen wearing a black catsuit in several Spice Girls videos. These were usually made of latex, PVC, or Spandex and often worn with high-heeled boots. From the beginning of the decade, boots were to be popular winter footwear throughout the 1990s.

The black leather jacket for men and women was a popular trend.
As in the previous decade, the American singer Madonna continued to be a fashion inspiration for girls and young women.

Mid 1990's

In the mid 1990s, platform shoes made a come-back for women and girls.Other types of heavy shoes and boots with thick heels were also worn. Along with the shoes, flared jeans and trousers appeared on the fashion scene. In Europe, slinky, floor-length dresses, often made of Lycra, were worn in the daytime as well as the evening. A major influence on British fashion was the all-girl pop group The Spice Girls. Diana, Princess of Wales was also a fashion icon. The 1990s was the decade of the supermodel when fashion models such as Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista became international celebrities.

Late 1990's

In 1997, cords also became popular in colors such as black, tan, and gray. Corduroy continued as a trend through 2001. The rise of "seventies revival" can be traced back to the cult classic Dazed and Confused, which gained its cult status during this period. Hair for girls was long, straight and worn with the central parting which had been fashionable in the late 1960s and 1970s, and obsolete in the 1980s. Also, most teenagers during this period were born in, and had some personal knowledge of the seventies.


Punk and alternative styles, spiky hair, black t-shirts, black work pants, wraparound sunglasses, and skater shoes. Many punk and alternative boys dyed their hair colors like blue, green, and fuchsia. In 1997, the 1980s Goth trend resurged among teenagers due to the popularity of bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Black clothing and make-up (both females and males), long or back-combed black hair, studded bracelets, and black boots all made comebacks. The Punk and goth styles survived into the 2000s in modified forms.

Dockers and Cargo pants

In 1998, khaki pants were popular among teenage boys, due to the popularity of golfer Tiger Woods. For the first time, cargo pants became mainstream. Camo pants enjoyed a brief resurgence. Among girls, baby t-shirts and spaghetti strap tank tops were popular, and the low rise jean phenomenon began in mens and women's fashion. In 1999, Aloha shirts (Hawaiian shirts), became a major fad. Capri pants, a tapered pant that ends mid calf, became popular with girls and women as well as boys and men. Pink became the dominant women's clothing colour.


gabriela said...

This is kinda kool. Anti fashion weird

pinkcupcake said...

"the 90's was the most influential era in fashion"-your kidding, right? the 90's was one of the most UN-influential eras in fashion. it was nowhere near as influential as the 60's and 70's. or the 80's for that matter. everything was just being recycled from those iconic eras. you even said this yourself. the mini-skirt, platform shoes, hot pants, the punk look ect all came from the 60's and 70's. and then there was michael jackson, madonna, prince, cyndi lauper ect (who are some of the biggest trendsetters and fashion icons of all time)in the 80's. the 90's had nothing like that. like i said, it was just stuff rom other eras that they just changed a little and put a 90's spin on, but nothing was new or original. the 90's sucked for fashion and everything else.