Sachin and Babi for Ankasa: Sequins and Shine

Fashion News
Husband and wife designers Sachin and Babi have just finished their first full year rotation of fashion collections with their ready-to-wear line, yet their experience in the fashion industry is much further extended. The duo has taken their skills and expertise in embroidery and home decor and sophisticatedly segued into the women's wear scene.

"Our dream when we started off was to have our own collection," said Sachin Ahluwalia who met his wife and "most severe critic" at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where they studied. After graduating, the couple began developing their brand and specialty, where embroidery was the focal point of all their designs. Working with designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Derek Lam, Sachin explained, was a sub-schooling for him and Babi.

"Obviously, whatever we learned in FIT was education but I think in terms of stylization and in terms of aesthetic sense much has been adopted from these great men and woman that we've worked with," said Sachin in an interview in his New York studio on Monday, June 29.

Sachin explained that by manufacturing everything in-house, he and Babi can ensure quality and finish are in tune with their vision. With more than 200 people on staff, the embroidering, sewing, and fabric dying is all done in Mumbai, India, where Sachin originates. No outside contracting translates into approachable prices for wearers, without sacrificing luxury, according to Sachin.

For their Sachin and Babi for Ankasa Resort 2010 collection that debuted earlier this month in New York, the couple successfully fused their experiences both in and out of the classroom, with their textile talent honed from their home store, as well as a brush of Indian influence, evident in draping and color selections that hint at the indigenous sari. Fabric manipulation and embroidery crossed with sequins and shine strike the perfect cord for the season, making every outfit transferable from day to night.

Sachin and Babi for Ankasa, as Sachin said, take pride in their customers feeling good in their pieces and appreciating them for their value. "It's not having to save sequined shorts or a silver lame tunic for an occasion, but being able to wear it that day," said Sachin. "It's a designer look, and a designer name at a contemporary price."