Paulina Porizkova say she was fired by 'Top Model'

Paulina Porizkova got a pink slip from "America's Next Top Model." That's what the model-actress said Tuesday night on CBS' "The Late Late Show," dropping this bombshell to host Craig Ferguson: "Do you know why I'm in Los Angeles, besides seeing you? ... Because I'm looking for a job. Because I was fired by `America's Next Top Model' on my birthday."

Porizkova, who turned 44 on April 9, joined the judges' panel of the popular model-scouting series last year. Wednesday night's 12th season finale on the CW network marks her final appearance.

According to Porizkova, the firing happened over the phone.

"Just to be fair here, the reason I was told I was fired was because ... it seemed that `America's Next Top Model' had gotten too fat and they needed to cut some fat — and the fat was me," she explained to Ferguson.

Porizkova judged the crop of `Top Model' wannabes alongside fashion insiders J. Alexander, Nigel Barker and the show's creator and host, Tyra Banks.

Show representatives Jeff Tobler and Chelsea Hettrick declined to comment beyond confirming Porizkova's departure. The supermodel's publicist, Meghan Prophet, did not return a phone call regarding Tuesday's announcement.

Porizkova joked that her "gigantic huge ego" might have contributed to her untimely reality-show elimination. That prompted Ferguson to ponder whether there was rivalry between her and Banks.

Getting serious, she added: "I really believe that they just felt like they didn't need me, which, of course, they don't."


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