Gorgeous Stars at the "Grey Gardens" Premiere

If all you knew about Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore was what you see in their new HBO film "Grey Gardens," you would never believe the glamorous pair that hit the red carpet at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Thursday night, April 16. For the duo star as what HBO executive Len Amato called "the most amazing mother-daughter pairing you will ever see," as real-life weirdoes Edith and "Little" Edie Bouvier Beale, the aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy who gained fame in the 1970's in a documentary of the same name.

That poverty-stricken pair lived on a ramshackle beachfront estate in East Hampton, N.Y., surrounded by countless cats and piles of garbage, ate cat food to survive, and eventually became cult heroes because of that documentary. With the help of plenty of prosthetic makeup and some very shabby clothes, Barrymore and Lange are definitely transformed for the worse in the film.

"Our goal was to disappear into the characters, and not be seen as ourselves," Barrymore explained, and the thunderous applause that filled the theater as the credits rolled proved that they had succeeded.

The dynamic duo looked fabulous on the red carpet. Drew, with hair teased high in a Sixties-inspired style, wearing a full-length white gown with a jeweled breastplate and gigantic turquoise jewelry to match, and Jessica a bit more demure, and also in a white top and embellished skirt. They were joined by co-stars Daniel Baldwin and Ken Howard, writer-director Michael Sucsy, and friends Ali Larter, Lisa Kudrow, Jennie Garth, and Cameron Diaz, who avoided the red carpet but snuck into the after party to congratulate Drew.

"Grey Gardens" begins airing on HBO on Saturday, April 18.

Source: http://www.fashionwiredaily.com

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